$76,595 – Injury Sustained from Defective Apartment Door 2017-03-24T10:18:06+00:00

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Joan Collins v ASAP Management 04L-9616 Tried Jul 7-8,2008

Publication: Monthly Arbitration Reporter Published: 9/26/2008

$76,595 Verdict after $30,000 Arbittation Award:

Judge: Raymond Funderburk (IL Cook-1st Muni Civil)
Pltf Atty(s): Dean Caras and Tara C. Meadows of Dean Caras & Associates DEMAND: $15,000 ASKED: $150,186
Deft Atty(s): Barry A. Robin of Tucker, Bower, Robin & Merker (Erie) OFFER: $7,500

Pltf Medl: Dr. Elias Gikas (Plastic Surgeon) Dr. Jonathan Jibraiel Younan (Family Practice)

​February 19,2003, pltf F-43 was injured when the front door of her apartment building at 5801 N. Washtenaw opened suddenly and caused her hand to go through the glass. PItf suffered a hand laceration that required repair surgery which resulted in loss of movement and sensation to the hand and permanent scarring ($19,810 medl. expense). Defense maintained that the door was in good working order and had not been sticking as pltf alleged.