Hockey Player Loses Eye in Violent Hit From Another Player

Publication: Pacer Federal Judgment Reporter

Published: 6/11/2014

Kyler Moje v Federal Hockey League 14-CV-500 Tried June 11, 2014

$800,000 Judgment

​Judge Sara L. Ellis (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of IL)

Pltf Atty: Dean Caras of Dean  Caras & Associates
Pltf Medl: Dr. Richard H. Johnston, M.D. Edina Retina Consultants. Edina, MN; Dr. Jose S. Pulido, M.D. Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN; Dr. Jeffrey Sanderson, M.D. Sanderson Eye. Edina, MN

​​February 10, 2012, the plaintiff was violently struck in the eye by the stick of another hockey player, and he lost his right eye. He suffered a retinal hemorrhage, retinal scarring, and traumatic optic neuropathy. As a result of his injury, the plaintiff was never able to play professional hockey again.