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Every year, many railroad workers fall victim to injury, harm and even death through accidents on railroads and railroad construction sites. On many sites, there may be great potential for damage; however, most sites follow strict health and safety rules to ensure that these dangers are not a threat to their workers. Unfortunately, the nature of the job can cause injury over time, but accidents also happen, and they can result from a variety of causes. Railroad injury claims may stem from some of the following:

-Death by crushing, being run over, falling, being struck by objects
-Death by exposure to toxic substances
-Whole body vibration injury
-Traumatic brain injury and open head wounds
-Paralysis, quadriplegia and paraplegia
-Disk injuries, spinal injuries, neck injuries and broken backs
-Multiple broken bones and compression fractures
-Limb amputations
-Crush injuries
-Lifting injuries and shoulder injuries
-Fires, toxic leaks and explosions
-Asphyxiation and poisoning
-Repetitive stress injuries such as whole body vibration and hearing loss

Injured railroad workers must establish three factual requirements to recover damages under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA):

1. The injuries must occur in the course and scope of the employee’s work duties with the railroad. Injuries do not have to occur on railroad property, so long as they occur “on the job.”

2. The railroad must be engaged in interstate commerce between two or more states.

3. The railroad must have cause or in some way contributed to the injuries sustained by the railroad employee.

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Railroad Injury Verdicts/Settlements

​Railroad injury: $1.9 million recovery for railroad worker who suffered fractured vertebrae, requiring fusion surgery, and was unable to return to his prior job as rail conductor. Defendant railroad argued, despite evidence to the contrary, that there were no defects on the rail where he was injured. We uncovered evidence regarding the defective rail, vindicating the railroad worker.

​Railroad Injury / Wrongful Death: $1 million F.E.L.A. rail car hazardous materials chemical leak blamed for death of 55-year-old railroad switchman. Defendant railroad denied any knowledge of the leak and we discovered through our investigation that the leak had been going on for over a week and had been reported on the same railcar the week before in Wisconsin.

Railroad Injury: $675,000 award for railroad worker who injured his shoulder on the job.

Railroad Injury: $650,000 award for a railroad employee that sustained a torn rotator cuff when a cable fell on his shoulder.